Even though it is a small once-through boiler, the equivalent evaporation amount is 2,500 kg / h and the industry's No. 1 low NOx value of 25 ppm is realized. The 

SQ series is not a conventional combustion system but Miura's own combustion technology and does not have a combustion chamber With "non-furnace can body" and "large premix burner" adapted to water pipe arrangement, we have established a new combustion heat transfer system that realizes low temperature combustion and suppresses the generation of NOx.



在SQ系列中,採用了「無燃燒罐體」。 推翻了在業界中鍋爐裡的燃燒室的常識 無燃燒室罐體。經由在水管群空間同時進行 燃燒反應與傳熱作用,達成低溫燃燒與低NOx。 此項開發將可以節省50%的空間。


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